If you’ve recently got your hands on a steam cleaner, then you’ll no doubt, want to be whizzing around your home and getting it in pristine shape, while being amazed at the sheer power of steam cleaning.

Top 5 Places to use your Steam Cleaner

There’s certainly no shortage of ways to use it, however, the list below will give you the top 10 places to use your steam cleaner, for maximum health benefits in your living environment.Use this list before you go and freshen up your clothes.Which is one thing you can do with the best steam cleaner, but the list below will cover the most essential areas in your home, that will eliminate all germs and bacteria by steam cleaning them.

1. Mattress, duvets, pillows and pet bedding

For those of you who don’t have a washing machine large enough to wash your duvets, then chances are that although your bedding might be fresh, there’s still going to be that musty smell coming from your duvet.

It happens to us all, after all, on those hot nights, perspiration sometimes gets through the covers and onto the duvet. It’s natural and it’s all too easy to neglect it. That problem is solved with steam cleaning. Simply remove your covers and use the upholstery attachment to steam clean your duvet and your pillows.

Steam Clean Bedroom

While you’re at it…get your mattress done too, and kill any bed bugs with one sweep of steam. You may as well get it all done at once, for all the time it’s going to take. Then just put your clean bedding covers onto your duvet and pillows and you’ll feel the difference when you go to bed.

Remember your pets too. Their part of your family too, so you can do their bedding as well as yours. Let your pets enjoy the bug-free living environment too, by steam cleaning your pets bedding.

What happens is a lot is that pets come in from outdoors, when it’s been raining and then they are sent to bed, so they aren’t putting the dampness around the home. Steam cleaning will freshen them up, and get rid of that pet odour that can be wishing around your home.

2. Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of THEE most germ ridden rooms in your house. From the toilet pan, to touching the taps after urinating, then the soap scum that seems to cling to the bathtub, shower screen or splash backs.That’s a nightmare to clean and it’s made effortless with steam cleaner, so that’s where to get it used for maximum health benefits.

You’ll find that most steam cleaners come with attachments. You can start by steam cleaning the cistern, the toilet seat, the rims of the pan, and then the outer rims. You’ll find that the moisture will run down to the floor, so you can do your floor last and pick up all the dirt.

steam clean boothroom

The taps, you can use your concentration/detail nozzle to get into the tightest of spaces and push out all the dirt from there. Use the window attachments, which sometimes have a squeegee for doing your windows and shower screens. That can get rid of all your soap scum that clings there.

The bathtub or shower base can be done too, and if you have tiles, you can use the brush attachment to get the dirt, grime, and bacteria out from the grout between them.Steam cleaning your bathroom is ideal for your health as that’s where most bacteria and germs are and steam will remove that from your environment. It’s also going to be shining like a brand new bathroom, so you’ll never be embarrassed again when your guests ask to use your loo.

3.Floors: Carpets, hardwood and chewing gum removal too

Floors are where all the dirt is trampled into. Each time you come in from outdoors and step onto your floor, you’ve just placed a number of germs on there. The more people stand on that and continue to move around your home, the more the germs are being dispatched across your floors.

That’s why you should steam clean your floors regularly .

This is where there is a humongous amount of dust mites, living under the floor surface of carpets.Steam kills those on impact and the eggs don’t survive either.

Steam Clean Carpet

You should concentrate more steam on heavy traffic areas, such as your entrances at the doors to each room. That’s where the most germs lie, and for those of you with carpets, you’ll also find it gives it the life back that it had when it was new.

Over time, the carpet fibers start to become crushed down.With steam that brings the fibers back to life and leaves them looking like new.Tiled kitchen floors can be done with a nylon brush attachment to get deep into the grout and push out the dirt.You can then use the microfiber cloth attachment to go over the floor surface and pick up the dirt removed from the grout, using the brush. It’s a couple of runs over the floor, but it will bring the shine back.

Don’t forget about the chewing gum issue. If you have that problem, then harden it up with an ice cube, and then hit it with a blast of steam to soften it, and then you can easily lift it off the floor with a microfiber cloth, and you wouldn’t even know it was there before.

4. Kitchen: Food preparation that’s clinically hygienic

The kitchen is where you prepare your food, so it’s going to make sense that you want that cleaned efficiently to keep it hygiene friendly. After all, the foods you prepare are going into your body, so they need to be free from germs.

Steam Clean floor

Even your taps you can find that the rims where the water pours from can hold a lot of dirt on the sealers. You can target those areas with your steam cleaner concentration nozzle. 

• Taps
• Worktops
• Backsplashes
• Chopping boards

You’d be surprised the germs that can linger in chopping boards. Especially ones that have been in use for a while and the cutting has left fine cracks in them. That’s the ideal harvesting area for bacteria. A quick blast of steam over that solves that issue. You can use a vax steam cleaner that offers great deal of steam pressure to clean germs.

5. Kids items: High chairs, changing mats, cribs and prams

Obviously, you’re going to want to protect your family from harmful germs, which is why the items they use most are best steam cleaned.

The trays on their high chairs for one, is an item that you can steam clean and be sure that it’s as hygienically friendly as possible with no risk of germs. Changing mats too, where babies are lying to be changed, can be steam cleaned which can keep them fresh too.

Steam Clean Pushchair

Then there’s your babies or kids bedding. You can do their mattresses and bedding. Same with prams and buggies. You can run the steam over them, freshening them up and leaving them free of bacteria and other germs.